Weddings detail one must avoid forgetting


Forgetfulness is the bane of good planning. Sometimes, that is what messes up the execution. So you know that to avoid this mess, you make a list to check twice (and more times) and see if execution goes according to plan. But of course, you must know what things should be in that list, since even before you make the list, you might forget some things. So here are those details that you have to keep track of:


Planning for bad weather


Nobody could accurately predict whether typhoons or storms could hit or not on the wedding day, so it’s best to be prepared.



Knowing sunset time


The changing light will affect photography and may also lead to increased costs when you turn on the night lighting.



Assigning point people for contact


In case you’re quite busy or stressed, it’s best to have someone help you take calls or take point for handling vendors and contacts.



Bridal party transport


And for the bride and groom too. This is not just the bridal car, but for all transport needs, even before and after the event. It’s something you need to plan well especially if you’ve going through the traffic of Metro Manila.



Event lighting


Especially if the event is going into the night, make sure you have adequate lighting for the venue.



Gratuity budget


Some services may require this, so you should have this ready when needed.



Change of clothes


Always have these so you could relax later on when you feel the itch of the gown. That even includes a spare gown if an accident really ruins the main one.



Someone to handle wedding attire.


If rented, they can do the running to the rental shop, or for a custom gown, dealing with the tailor and all. And to help the bride dress and change if needed.



Meals for vendors


If that hasn’t been already arranged, make sure you’ve arranged with the vendors on whether they’ll eat.



Assign a guide for photographers

A “photo wrangler” is someone who guides the photographers on who the people close to the couple are. That makes sure all the right photos are taken.



Extra seats


This would help in case people bring a lot of their friends or guests, even if you’re on a budget.



Time for wedding dress alterations.


This is especially necessary if you’ve gained or lost some inches during the waiting period, or if you decide to change your mind about a certain detail on the gown.



Booking hotel rooms and lodging if entourage and guests are traveling


A destination wedding venue will require you to have this, and it’s a great courtesy to the people involved. Welcome bags for guests coming from out-of-town are also a good idea.



Music playlist for the DJ

Aside from what’s desired to play, mention what’s not to be played, because there are guests who will be touchy about certain songs.



Wedding signs


Signage remains a key part of the wedding setup. Not just where the bathroom is, but where the food and seating are.



Overtime talk


In case you expect some overtime, talk it over with your vendors.



Stay well fed and hydrated


Don’t forget to eat and drink normally, so you don’t collapse out of hunger or thirst. That also means putting yourself and your spouse in the catering list.



Food allergies and all


You should know if any of your guests have adverse reactions to food. You should kow thiese



Have the wedding website ready before emailing invites


That is, if you have such a page.



Planning accessories



Make sure you have time for that, since accessories are matched to the wedding attires. So in case you want to improvise, allot some time for it.