How to do Venue Styling like a Pro

These days, you have services that do wedding venue styling for you. However, there are times you’d want to do a DIY thing. This is often done for cost-cutting, but you can learn gems along the way. It’s venue styling like a pro because even the pros follow these principles at times.


Don’t rent more space than you need.

How to do Venue Styling like a Pro

Wedding set-up by celebrity stylist Teddy Manuel

Despite the desire to have dance floors and large space, bigger places can shoot more holes in your budget. Also, take note of how high or low the profile of your wedding should be. A low profile one in a small space isn’t something to be ashamed of. Make good use of your space. That means working with what you have. You might consider dancing your beach wedding on the sand, since having a platform built may be costly (though you could use a cloth mat, carpet or similar).

You might want to skip fresh flowers.

How to do Venue Styling like a Pro

Setup by Richgold Weddings

Flowers aren’t necessary for every wedding. You can try other things, such as shells and corals at beach weddings. Candles in vases can provide decorative light for a table.


Reuse as much available furniture at the venue as possible.

That’s likely easy with halls with tables and chairs. Many venues already have the furniture for a certain theme. It’ll help you cut down the need to spend on additional decor.


Reception should be simple.

How to do Venue Styling like a Pro

Set-up by Josiah’s catering

For example, fewer staff are needed for buffets as opposed to set meals. You can have only a small bar, or none (again, as with flowers at tables, is it a necessity?). Cutting down on the unnecessary embellishments means less staff, so it’s less to pay for as well.