Saving money for your wedding day

Weddings need lots of things. But perhaps the most important thing is money! You need to buy the goods and services you need for that special day. Nothing is free! So check out thes tips on how to Save money for your wedding day.

But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t reduce costs and save some money. One trick is to pick certain dates. These times may see some off season discounts or lower prices, but just to be sure, do your research. Anyway, here are some tips on possible cheaper dates.

Friday the 13thSave money for your wedding

The omen of bad luck may be unpopular among old folk, but some see it as good luck. It depends on you, really. Superstition has always been hotly debated upon, but in this article, let’s take the skeptic side. Get a Friday the 13th wedding date, and who knows, you might get lucky.


The First Weekend of January

Save money for your wedding

Since this is part of a holiday season, travel prices may be lower. Also, it’s cooler even here in the Philippines, so you could choose a non-aircon venue, to save some money.


March Weekends

Save money for your wedding

Since March is not quite wedding season, and it’s after the Valentine’s Day rush, so wedding venues and other services may just be more affordable at this time. It just could get warm, so be ready.