How to Reduce your Wedding guest list

Guests are still a tricky part of the wedding preparation. Budget is only one consideration when you’re deciding on who to include. It does not need to be complicated, but considering your relationships with others, there are people you do not want to leave out – and some, you do want to leave out. Here’s a guide to help you through the process.


Make a Preliminary list


You and your partner should make a preliminary list. You can move to your immediate families, then close family members. There will be some traditions where you are required to have some people, though you can try to scrap tradition, as attitudes about them are becoming more lax today. Then, move to friends you simply must have at your wedding. This will at least fill just the core of your guest list, but it at least helps you set your priorities.


Choose which of the extended family shall be invited


Decide on the maximum extended family to invite. Extended family might be required in some regions’ cultures. But these days, it’s understood, with the budget, you might need to cut down. A large extended family needs much patience and preparation. If you can do it, no problem. But if you can’t, best admit it, and stop forcing yourself to include some people. And once this is done, remember – stick to it.


Give families from each side the same number of extra guests.

Reduce your Wedding guest list

This is equity at least for traditional purposes. Parents of each member of the couple could invite guests according to the number apportioned to them. Best friends, close pals and other significant people could be invited. And, it doesn’t have to include the boss.


Children are not necessary unless you are willing.

Reduce your Wedding guest list

Of course, the bearers will be needed if children, but if other children are included among guests, it could turn into a whirlwind. In case you don’t know what “kids” means, try putting it under 12 years old, or the types that couldn’t sit down for even a while and would run around. Perhaps you could include toddlers or babies who need to be close to their mothers – that’s something you need to decide on case-to-case.



Meaning, your friend who had you at their wedding could be at yours. It may go without saying for the best of friends. But in case you’re really full and your friend begged off, it’s OK.


The “Plus One”

Decide on whether to follow the “plus one” protocol. It’s not an absolute oligation, but if you feel like it, go ahead. Just make sure you know who you’re inviting in this category. And be strict with RSVPs.