Make your Wedding Less Expensive! Don’t be ashamed of wanting to cut costs on your wedding. It’s practical these days. You should do it, as an expensive wedding can run your wallets dry. But it doesn’t mean your wedding has to look cheap because of it. There are some ways to make your weddings not break the bank.

Check which day of the week is cheaper.


Make your weddings cheaper

Are Saturdays the most expensive time to book events and services? Seems that way in many places. But if you can have it on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday, it could be less expensive. You just need to do your research to find this out.

Which time of the day, too.


Make your Wedding Less Expensive

Afternoons on weekends seem to be the most convenient time to set weddings, but those times are often expensive, too. Mornings and evenings are probably less expensive reception-wise, since you can have brunches or light dinners.

Buffet all the way.


Make your wedding less expensive Josiah's catering buffet

Perhaps this is already known to many, but the buffet is ideal for a budget-yet-class event. At least with buffets, people get the portions they want and there’s less wastage than with set meals.

Stick with the basics.


Make your wedding less expensive hizon's catering buffet

This means the basic basics, as in, don’t put too many decors, extra things or fluff in your wedding. Just stick with what’s essential. Wedding service providers would likely give you the premium package first, but it’s best to work your way down to the basic one.

Look for decors while out of season.


Make your wedding less expensive richgold weddings buffet

Shopping for stuff on season, going on vacation during the season, or even buying flowers during All Saints’ Day will have huge markups. Since you can plan a wedding for months or years beforehand, you and include in this advance preparation shopping for the decor while it hasn’t marked up. It really pays to go off season at certain instances.

Alcohol at the reception need not be a full bar.


Make your wedding less expensive josiah's catering buffet

They’re not always needed with the solemn nature of Filipino wedding celebrations, but when alcohol is called for, a full bar could be really expensive. You could have some smaller offerings of alcohol at cocktail levels. That’ll do.

If you need some flowers (as in real ones), one kind of flower will do.


Make your wedding less expensive josiah's catering buffet

Having different varieties, or even one type of expensive flower can dig deep in your budget. Best go with a type you can afford.