How to Know if they’re About to Propose

How to Know if they’re About to Propose

If you’re a couple who’s been dating for a while, you are wondering if or when the other is going to propose. Some know how to wait, but others like to read signs or “cold-read” people, because it’s fun in itself to do so. It might be relevant in case you find that your groom-to-be or partner seems to be acting weirdly, and you want to make sense of it. To help you do so, these are some of the possible signs you might need to keep an eye out for.


They don’t miss out on your hints. Of course, even you give hints, sometimes deliberately, right? Not just hints about marriage, but hints that your gender gives that the other usually misses. If they notice and not miss your hints at all, they might be ready to accept you as a permanent partner. Otherwise, they won’t notice the habits that they know they’ll have to get used to.



    Plans for the future have you in them. If they talk about home life as if you’re already living with them, when you have kids and all that, or even your vacation plans, chances are they want to settle down already.

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You’re included more often in plans with friends and family. Marriage is usually a marriage not just with the person but with the family too. If the family is very accepting, and you get invited to many family events that includes members you don’t really know, your partner likely wants to get you accustomed to the family. And the family might expect that you’d join them soon.


They work overtime often lately. If that’s happening, your partner is saving up for something. Could it be for an engagement ring? That’s one good guess.

Your partner is seems hush-hush about something. You know they’re keeping something from you, though not in an angry way. If they’re warding you off gently and successfully, it’s safe to guess that one reason is engagement expenses.


  Calling you as “wife” or “the hubby” early. Some do this sarcastically, but if you know it’s not, then your partner is probably just doing it ahead of schedule. They already see you as their significant other.


  Your partner suddenly asks you about your future. Your future wants, plans. They’re interested in your future now. Because, they want you both to face it together.


Your partner’s friends are getting married. And your partner of course don’t want to be left behind. Perhaps they are also schmoozing with other married couples, probably to get ideas on how married life will be, and asking for advice. Probably a sign that they’re planning to settle down with you.


Perhaps the ultimate result of it all is, they pop the question straightforwardly. This is no hint, it’s the real thing. Will you be prepared for it when it comes? Better be.