It may not seem obvious at first, but lighting at a wedding venue can have a tremendous influence. It not only deals with avoiding darkness or inadequate lighting, but making sure the lighting fits the scene. Lighting sets the mood for the venue, and it’s recommendable to play with your lighting. It’s not just illumination, but decor.

Venue lighting

While your planner may think of a team, you can contribute your own suggestions. For example, if you like a night of wine under the stars, hang string lights above or have a row of taper candles running the middle of the table. If you like flowers, you can have lots of votive candles or other votive decor like paper lanterns, or if you have a dance, a disco ball and disco lights.

string lights

Of course, venue, budget and style will determine the final product. So think carefully about your lighting decor, but have fun while doing so! Get some inspiration from the pics shown here.