The Christmas spirit at the Balay Belen

Grand Opening:  Sunday, November 11, 2018 3pm

Standard community viewing: November 12, 2018

Location:  Jardin de Miramar, San Jose, Antipolo

Balay Belen logo

Come see a magnificent masterpiece of extraordinary artistry featuring the global impact of Filipino Christian faith here and across the continents.  It is the timeless depiction of the birth of Christ — of salvation itself!  The exquisite Belen collection of Gloria o. Reyes – artistically curated by Theresa Fenix in collaboration with Jardin de Miramar’s architect, Wendy Regalado, ably assisted by Bingbing Hinolan, along with Giacomo Cerra’s diorama of various continents, Jo-Mike Tejido’s artistic rendition of the theme with his acrylic on banigBalay Belen” – all recall to mind and heart the spread of the “good news” by the apostles and first disciples. The work of salvation continues.


This wonderful tableau features a unique figure in every country, one which stirs a sentiment of specialness and worth: the figure of a Filipino as an OFW — our unsung hero.   The “good news” spreads worldwide through our OFW’s presence in whatever lands their search for a better life leads them.  They have become ambassadors of faith in their various life situations and church involvements in far-off shores — from their arduous risk-taking treks to strange places — like mama Mary and St. Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem; to their resilience as a culture to survive — reminiscent of the holy family’s flight to Egypt; to their introduction of Simbang Gabi to foreign nations and their forming of Philippine choirs abroad, singing both liturgical and traditional carols in the Philippine language; overall, in their steadfastness to the faith — like that of the early Christians amidst persecutions.


Nestled in the hills of Antipolo, Edna del Rosario’s Jardin de Miramar will boost your Christmas spirit throughout the year. This Christmas village’s  “Casa Santa Museum”, which for years has delighted visitors with its collection of jolly Santa Claus, is also now home to  “Balay Belen.”  


So come and be uplifted with this wonderful experience.  “Balay Belen” is not just a display — it is an inspired labor of love reawakening in us the mystery of Christ’s incarnation and nativity.  It will set your faith ablaze with the universality of the true Christmas message — and inflame your pride in the Filipino’s role in bringing christ to the world.




Admission to Balay Belen: P150

Any additional donations welcome

Exhibit proceeds to benefit our various charities, such as scholarships for poor but deserving children, and an orphanage run by religious – all in sync with the theme of our love for the Christ Child.