Make your “Couple” new year’s resolution

New Year resolutions are a commonplace thing, sometimes done for their own sake. People sometimes are serious about them, and sometimes not. Sometimes, couples do it as a couple. It’s laughed at these days because the expectation is that the resolutions won’t be followed anyway. But that shouldn’t be. Resolutions should be followed, and they are a great chance to actually enact some improvements in your life. While saying and doing are different things, doing should be easier given a few tips.


Have realistic, Achievable Goals

Make your "Couple" new year's resolution

Perhaps one cause of failure in New Year’s resolutions is setting the wrong goals. For example, winning one million in the lottery isn’t a realistic goal – and it isn’t something you can control. You might not be able to lose 50 pounds or visit 80 countries this year either (unless you’re already a millionaire). Set goals that you can actually do. Take small, specific steps, such as increasing savings goals to 8% instead of 5%, or cutting down on sweets in your diet. Or start a habit of taking time out together every Tuesday and Friday of the week if you haven’t been doing it. It depends on what you want to achieve. Of course, you should be able to monitor yourselves, and check whether you are actually achieving what you intended.


Start in January

Make your "Couple" new year's resolution

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January could be a sort of recovery period. You’ve spent a lot during Christmas, you’re getting settled back to work, and you could be having a food-and-drink hangover. But you need to push yourselves as soon as possible and there’s no better time to do it than January – which usually means “right now!”


Help Each Other Keep On and Communicate

Make your "Couple" new year's resolution


That means holding each other accountable to the resolutions. In case each of you seem to get a bit off track, you could help each other get back on. Of course, never let it become the source of fighting or competition. Keep the resolutions a source of love and communication, not problems. Keep on encouraging and motivating each other. Share your struggles and doubts, so you could sort them out together. Don’t allow the resolutions to split you, but instead, they should make you stronger.


Remember Why you’re doing it


Reasons are everything for why you do what you do. Don’t lose sight of your goal. That goal, if you chose a good one, has to be something helpful for you, such as for your bodily health, financial health, a house deposit, or even for just your relationship. Remembering the why could rekindle your motivation. As long as you communicate and work together, you’re going the right way, whatever your goal is.