How to choose which friend to invite to your wedding

Let’s determine how to choose which friend to invite to your wedding. The guest list is something a couple may pore over with more time than needed. Given enough money, you’d invite whoever you want. But most real-life situations see weddings on budgets, and one thing to pare down is the guest list. If you are looking for some rule-of-thumb suggestions on how to do this, here are a few.

Friends who had you on their wedding

How to choose which friend to invite to your wedding

It’s just reciprocation. People who’ve had you as guests in their wedding deserve to be guests in yours. Of course, you will ask if they are available for the event or not, but in essence, if they chose to invite you, they trusted you. That kind of trust is worth giving back, confirming that you are good friends.


Notes on Family Members

How to choose which friend to invite to your wedding

Family members can be a source of some drama, but don’t have to be. They are often a customary part of Filipino weddings based on traditions. But these days, if having a certain family member could be trouble, you could leave them off. However, if there’s someone you believe should be there, invite them. It’s a good test of your relationships when you try to figure out who to invite to a wedding.


Best Friend’s Parents

How to choose which friend to invite to your wedding

What do you do if your best friend asks if her mother can attend the wedding or she can get a plus-one? Considering it’s your BFF and she’s probably your maid of honor, if she wants to bring her mom or a date as a plus-one and you aren’t restricted by budget, Gottsman would say yes to her request. “After all, you’re building on a lifetime of future goodwill.”


A Former Boyfriend/girlfriend?

How to choose which friend to invite to your wedding

This is what that recent fast food ad showed. Some old flames die out, some stay on as friends (friendzoned!). Inviting them is a big fat maybe. But if you want them to enjoy this moment with you because you’re still friends and your spouse-to-be has no issue with it, give it a go.


Your Friends’ Kids

How to choose which friend to invite to your wedding

Of course, you’ll get the little ones to do ring-bearing and flower-breaing. But if you’re talking about older kids, like pre-teens or teens, there’s no need to invite them if they’re not essential. Besides, it’s likely they’ll have their own places to go. Another case is a friend who’s still got a baby she breastfeeds. She will need to bring that kid to be able to give adequate care, so that will be OK to bring over to the wedding.


Your Parents’ Co-Workers or best friends

If you need to fill some space, it’s always a nice gesture to let parents bring a few plus ones. If your parents are paying for the wedding, then that goes without saying.