Location, location, location

It applies not only to stores; even weddings benefit from the right location. But in terms of steps, choosing the venue is best made the first thing to do. The choice of venue would be an influence on the other choices you would make, for the reasons below.


Design and Theme

The design of the location will have to tie in with your theme. Or, it’s your theme that will be adjusted to the venue. You also have the venue’s own partner suppliers to pick from, if you prefer them, or have your own choices. Consider also other things, like overnight lodging and other amenities, since these can make your use of the venue less stressful and more convenient.



You can fit it into your budget. The venue with the best value wins, but of course, you have your budget to consider. Destination weddings with few guests seem like a deal, but consider your travel and fare costs. Some people don’t like traveling, and you need to respect that. Closer places that have just the right environment in mind and are affordable can be found.

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Dress Code

You can set the dress code. Of course, the venue should match the attire. People would itch if you held a formal wedding in a summer garden or beach, and a Bohemian one might look out of place in a ballroom. Consider your comfort, most of all.


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