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LET’S MOVE YOUR WEDDING DATE TO A SAFER ONE Having to postpone your wedding day is hard enough but we are here to make it easy for you until it’s safe and convenient to say ‘I do’. It is a difficult decision to postpone a very well-planned wedding day. In these unprecedented times, more and more couples are being considerate with the safety of their guests and taking the advice of health experts to limit group gatherings because of COVID-19. As a result, some couples are either postponing their weddings or considering alternative options. Couples are often told to prepare for anything when it comes to their wedding, but a global pandemic isn’t typically something to consider. We know that postponing your wedding has opened up an entirely different category of stress that you probably didn’t know was possible. Questions keep popping in your mind and one is “Why does it have to happen when we really worked hard into putting effort into our wedding?” Along with many brides around the world who invested their complete emotional and financial being into their wedding, you all wonder the same thing. COVID-19 is making it hard for all of us that is

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CONNECT TO RECONNECT With this pandemic still going on, of course, we need help with resources and with connections. When considering the relationships in your life, they can be identified in three main groups. Strong ties, weak ties, and dormant ties. Who do we go for? Lhia Ubaldo | May 8, 2020 As the economy goes down because of this pandemic, the rate of unemployment goes up. We can’t blame business owners though, because it’s just their instinct to save what took them years to build – and that’s their business. Of course we as an individual would think about surviving every day until this pandemic ends. But what if we just got news that the company that we work for are cutting people off? Of course, the first response to the matter would be going online and look for other job offers. But have we considered the power of connecting through dormant ties? DORMANT TIES Are friends and colleagues you haven’t connected with in some time. The world of social media continues to expand as this pandemic prolongs. Gone are the days where we ask people to meet us at coffee shops or malls. Now we only see them

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NEW WAYS: GOING BACK TO WORK AFTER QUARANTINE Lhia Ubaldo | May 5, 2020 Things are about to get weird at work. COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways when it comes to both our personal and professional lives. We’re in the last week of the lockdown but there is still no confirmation of what might really happen after this ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE. Since the lockdown conditions were first imposed on March 15, most of the nation’s workers have become accustomed to working from home, some needed to stop work unfortunately. But this we are sure of: there will be number of changes when we go out and get back to our offices/work. Until health experts find the cure for COVID-19, your routine when it comes to work will never be the same again.   LEAVING THE HOUSE Do you remember your typical routine before leaving your house on a Monday morning? Get out of bed, take a shower, dress nicely, have breakfast, take off for work, then brace the ruthless traffic.  But since everything’s changed, the new normal is being extremely mindful of your things and one of those are your mask, disinfectant sprays and gloves. Just like

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