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Avoid these Bridal errors

Avoid these Bridal errors

Avoid these Bridal errors Not putting yourself first. It’s your wedding, so you should kno what theme or style you want. Don’t let others dictate it. No consideration for guests. For example, if you invited people to a destination wedding, but expect them to pay for their own travel fare, that’s lack of consideration. Buying the dress before choosing the venue. You might buy the inappropriate dress for the place. Better adjust the dress to the venue instead of vice versa. Announcing the engagement too early. It’s better to let your family and close circle know first. Give it a while, then you announce it on social media and in events with other friends later. Not having a wedding planner. These days, with the myriad of services and components, it’s best to enlist the help of a planner. Putting bridal registry details with the invitations. Best use a different way of letting people know this, such as using a website to house the list. Also, don’t make your invitations too complicated. No need to embellish them with maps and hotel lists if you’re out-of-town. Social media strictness. Guests will understand if you prohibit pictures until after the ceremony. But when

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REDUCE YOUR WEDDING GUEST LIST Make a Preliminary list. You and your partner should make a preliminary list. You can move to your immediate families, then close family members. There will be some traditions where you are required to have some people, though you can try to scrap tradition, as attitudes about them are becoming more lax today. Then, move to friends you simply must have at your wedding. This will at least fill just the core of your guest list, but it at least helps you set your priorities.  Choose which of the extended family shall be invited. Decide on the maximum extended family to invite. Extended family might be required in some regions’ cultures. But these days, it’s understood, with the budget, you might need to cut down. A large extended family needs much patience and preparation. If you can do it, no problem. But if you can’t, best admit it, and stop forcing yourself to include some people. And once this is done, remember – stick to it.  Give families from each side the same number of extra guests. This is equity at least for traditional purposes. Parents of each member of the couple could invite guests according to the

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Factors-in-picking-your-Wedding Date

Factors in picking your Wedding Date

Factors in picking your Wedding Date Picking the best date for your wedding depends on a lot of factors. These include availability of the people, availability of vendors, the venue, the possible traffic situation, even the weather, and more. While you can’t predict everything, setting a date smartly could help you avoid further tussles in the future. Here are some tips to help you make that date choice. Check the Rates See which day of the week and time of the day are cheaper. It could fall on a Saturday or a certain weekday. Ofcourse, with weekdays, you have to see who’s available on such as date (although chances are they’re more available at night). But in case few could come, that could help you come up with a budget-friendly guest list. Check with your Wedding VIP’s Since bringing your family and friends together to celebrate with you is important, keep them in mind as you look at the calendar. Talk to VIPs (very important people), such as your parents or financial sponsors. See when they are available; list it all on the calendar or notes so you have an idea of what dates to cross out. This will help

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