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Ideas for Wedding Lighting

Ideas for Wedding Lighting It may not seem obvious at first, but lighting at a wedding venue can have a tremendous influence. It not only deals with avoiding darkness or inadequate lighting, but making sure the lighting fits the scene. Lighting sets the mood for the venue, and it’s recommendable to play with your lighting. It’s not just illumination, but decor. While your planner may think of a team, you can contribute your own suggestions. For example, if you like a night of wine under the stars, hang string lights above or have a row of taper candles running the middle of the table. If you like flowers, you can have lots of votive candles or other votive decor like paper lanterns, or if you have a dance, a disco ball and disco lights. Of course, venue, budget and style will determine the final product. So think carefully about your lighting decor, but have fun while doing so! Get some inspiration from the pics shown here.

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How to Know if they’re About to Propose

How to Know if they’re About to Propose If you’re a couple who’s been dating for a while, you are wondering if or when the other is going to propose. Some know how to wait, but others like to read signs or “cold-read” people, because it’s fun in itself to do so. It might be relevant in case you find that your groom-to-be or partner seems to be acting weirdly, and you want to make sense of it. To help you do so, these are some of the possible signs you might need to keep an eye out for. They don’t miss out on your hints. Of course, even you give hints, sometimes deliberately, right? Not just hints about marriage, but hints that your gender gives that the other usually misses. If they notice and not miss your hints at all, they might be ready to accept you as a permanent partner. Otherwise, they won’t notice the habits that they know they’ll have to get used to. Plans for the future have you in them. If they talk about home life as if you’re already living with them, when you have kids and all that, or even your vacation plans,

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Gift Ideas for the Groom

Gift Ideas for the Groom As part of the wedding fare, gifts for the bride and groom include many things that can help prepare them for family life. These include kitchen ware and baby care products. The bride would have jewelry and other stuff for her. But at times, the groom sadly gets left out. Perhaps it’s because people aren’t sure what the groom may want. But there are a lot of safe choices for the groom’s gift pile. Want some ideas? Here: Ray-Bans, or similar style shades – Men’s fashion that couldn’t go wrong  Monogram cufflinks – Personalizing formal wear     Insulated Bottle with hidden compartment  Leather Cardholder and/or wallet – because men are still expected to do most of the shelling out  Decanter – For grooms who love the bar  Canvas and Leather Duffel Bag  Whiskey Wisdom Card Deck or other funny card game that suits men – Great for party fun  Monogrammed whiskey or shot glass for personalized drinking  Bluetooth headphones for the listener on the go   Gift Grooming kits – With various types of moisturizers, creams, deodorants and other stuff. For example, Human Nature has such a set. Leather strap watch – For watch fashion

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