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Wedding Traditions from around the World

Wedding Traditions from around the World Some couples like to try things from other places and other countries. Some wedding practices from other cultures around the world may be adapted for your wedding. The Philippines has its own unique traditions, such as releasing of doves, and pinning money onto the bride or groom as they dance. Now look and see what traditions here you might take ideas from. Here are a list of Wedding Traditions from around the World.    Sharing Sake (rice wine) – Japan  Sawing a log together, to test the bond of the couple – Germany Henna tattoos to celebrate the love and joy of bride – India Kransekake cake from Norway – a layer cake built around a liquor bottle, that after guests peel off the cake layers, they can enjoy the liquor Stealing the groom’s shoes, India – done by the bride’s sisters, if the groom pays a bribe, the shoes are returned The mother of the bride breaks a white bell filled with flour, rice and grains for good luck and prosperity – Guatemala Family and friends smash dishware outside the homes of the bride and groom before the wedding night – Germany The groom wears

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Geeky Weddings

Geeky Weddings

Geeky Weddings These days, more people than every before are geeks. Both men and women are fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers, Transformers and many other franchises thought to be only “kid stuff.” Both men and women collect action figures and toys of cartoon characters, superheroes and science fiction characters. So when two geeks become bride and groom, the geeky things they love can actually become the theme of a different-from-usual wedding (Of course, don’t try to faithfully recreate the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones)! Among the things you can put into your geek-themes wedding: 1. Wedding attire with themes from their favorite franchise. The bride can be Princess Leia, the groom’s attire be like Han Solo’s or Luke Skywalker’s, and they can have a Stormtrooper retinue around them. Or any other favorite theme, whether it’s a Lord of the Rings Elven wedding or Aquaman Atlantean wedding. 2. Create table centerpieces based on favorite characters. A groot figurine, a miniature TARDIS, figurines of superheroes. Maybe you could get someone to do superhero figurines in wedding attire! 3. Effects like cufflinks that glow, Starfleet badges or Elven jewelry, whatever is based on the franchise

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Best-Wedding-Cakes-Based-on-Your Zodiac

The Best Wedding Cakes Based on Your Zodiac

The Best Wedding Cakes Based on Your Zodiac Wedding cakes are a must for many weddings. But it also could be a bit boring, especially when you order the regular fare. One way to add some spice: have a theme according to zodiac sign. Of course, you don’t need to put the zodiac sign itself on the cake. Instead, per sign, there is a cake that might fit the personality. The suggestions are below: Capricorn – Clean white buttercream frosting with a couple of fresh flowers fits a lover of classic styles. Cancer – Textured icing and fresh winding vines for some whimsy and a hopeless romantic mood that is cancer. Taurus – Marbled Green and white fits the headstrong image. Libra – Combination boho and traditional suits the peacemaker leaning of the scales Virgo – Being very organized, they might go for the modern cake with clean lines and symmetric approach Sagittarius – Being creative, out-of-the-box or do-it-yourself designs would work Aries – Strong styles, and not any ordinary cake might fit this strong personality Pisces – Dreamy and ethereal designs fit dreamers like Pisces people Aquarius – Very individual and avant garde people, they might like the same

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