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Wedding Dresses for Short, Chubby Brides

Wedding Dresses for Short, Chubby Brides

Wedding Dresses for Short, Chubby Brides The trend for bodies these days is to… well, grow wide. Thus, there are more chubby brides these days than ever before. But never fear, it shouldn’t ruin your right to being a beautiful bride. All you need is make the best of what you have, and even for chubby brides, it is possible to look as great as any of the slimmer brides out there. Mind you, even slim brides have disasters with the wrong choice of dress. To help you, here are a few pointers for short and chubby brides. A rule of thumb is to see what styles tend to hide your chubbiness and make you look slim. Styles with very wide skirts or that tend to be wide will make you look wider. A strapless tube dress is best avoided. The girth of anything above the tube is emphasized. The strapless dress also tends to ride down, so you might spend your wedding day pulling up your dress. A trumpet style, column dress or one with an empire waistline will create the illusion of height. The mermaid-style dress also tends to give that “sexy” effect. Sheer sleeves could also work

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Alternative Groom Wear

Alternative Groom Wear In the hot Philippine environment, some people would still wear suits and other formal wear best worn in colder climates. But these days, people are more aware of the alternatives that come with experimenting and having a different theme or decor for their wedding. Brides would like alternatives for a big dress. But grooms can also have alternatives for their garb. Here are a few suggestions. Kilts – Yes, kilts, the skirt for men! Kilt might be a great choice for Philippine weather. Pants could be really hot, especially with the material used for formal wear. Wear the kilt with a British or Scottish-themed costume, or anything that goes well with it. Both groom and bride can be in kilts, too. Jeans and casual wear – This can do when your wedding has a country or cowboy motif. You can choose from having cowboy boots (although these are hot) to sneakers. Either way, you don’t need to be too formal about your wedding dress if you’re doing the country theme. Boho – short for Bohemian, these are well-suited for the warm weather. While the bride can wear a light, gypsy-style dress, the groom can wear the shirt

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Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Wedding Ideas In the summer, perhaps there is no other more attractive destination wedding than a beach wedding. It’s a vacation and a major milestone rolled into one! The beach though has its own unique situations when you hold a wedding there, so you there are some things you might need to do and avoid to make that beach wedding work:  1. Skip the big dress and other apparel not suited for the beach. A big gown will be heavy and cumbersome and a nightmare for the bride to lug around. Especially when mixed with heeled shoes, those will sink into the sand. Going barefoot in a boho-style outfit is better for the beach. No veil is also recommended because of the wind and sand flying all over. Even the groom and the boys can go really informal, and you can just have them identified by a boho dress code or colors. 2.Get some privacy. Being on a public beach or in a beach that’s not walled off can present some problems. Anybody can come in and steal stuff, or you get unwanted photobombers. Better get a strip of beach you can have to yourselves and your guests. 3.Add

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