Wedding Dress trends 2017 are here!

You might want to consider these trendy bridal gowns for your Jardin de Miramar garden wedding.

When preparing for weddings, it isn’t just about the event and food. Brides are also all about the perfect dress. But there is no one dress that is the best design; it really depends on what suits the bride. Dress designs are also not static, and they change with every season and with every trend. Some design aspects that were once passe could be revived from time to time.

Let’s look at some trends that may become the current fads in the wedding fashion world.

1. Sleeves with Long Blouson

Exposing one’s arms may be desired because of the weather, but it’s not always flattering. There are times exposing a woman’s shoulders isn’t so good. Sleeves are also on gowns because they are part of the ornament. They are also suitable for a somewhat conservative look, though there are fabrics these days, such as sheer ones, that offer coolness and ventilation.

Long sleeved wedding dress - wedding dress trends 2017

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2. High Necklines

It seems conservative and very 90s, but high-necks gowns are still classic in style. They are great if you are going to cooler wedding venues, such as Baguio City. But they are also great for Manila weather as plunging necklines aren’t always practical. It’s great for a country-style wedding. And, as with sleeves, there are materials that can make the neck design cooler to wear.

high neckline wedding gown - wedding dress trends 2017

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3. Off-shoulder Gowns

When you do go for the plunge, the off-shoulder number does suit the summer season. It’s great for an elegant nighttime wedding. It also makes for a party-loving bride, who would look like she’ll go for some tequila after the ceremony. Just make sure the fit is secure so it won’t do wardrobe malfunctions.


Off shoulder bridal gown - wedding dress trends 2017

Gown by: José Buzeta Atelier. Photo credits: Erik Esperat