Signs your Marriage is going bad

Here are Signs your Marriage is going bad. Divorce isn’t legal in the Philippines, but when it does, who knows how much water will burst out when the floodgates open. Meanwhile, people should do well they they can to keep a marriage together. Even without divorce, marriages turn sour and the relationship is effectively at an end. In case you suspect a certain couple of going this way, here are some signs you might need to look at to give an ounce of certainty in your observations.

The silent treatment.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

Some of us may have personally noticed a couple not talking to each other at all, such as at a certain event. You see them on the same table, but they act like the other does not exist. It’s obvious that something is not right.

Their sex life seems dead.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

Sexual activity is one of the focal points of a marriage. The apparent lack of it means the people involved don’t like to do it anymore. And, by “it,” it means the whole relationship.

Having little in common.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

Relationships would have as a rule the two sharing something in common, and not being in a relationship for its own sake. If they don’t enjoy anything together, then it might mean they don’t enjoy being together at all.

Putting career before the family.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

Career consumption can be a problem in other ways. But look at a couple as they go about daily life. If you notice the couple putting career first before even each other, then you could say each other became the last of their priorities.

Contempt is too obvious.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

If you have your eye out for telling whether contempt is real or just play between the two, you tell when they don’t like each other. They keep on openly insulting each other, berating each other, and humiliating each other in front of others. You know they hate being together.

They don’t respect each other’s love language.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

People have a way of speaing and behaving that is their love language. Even if you are not part of a relationship, sometimes you know some people’s love language. If you don’t see it being respected by the partner, they’re most likely to have lost respect for each other at all.

They aren’t honest over money matters.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

That includes spending. Money matters have been cited as among the biggest factors in divorces. If a couple are not honest to each other about how much they spend, they no longer trust each other and are hiding things. Lack of trust means lack of love.

You don’t see them fighting or arguing. Or disagreeing.

Signs that your Marriage is going bad

It may not seem like a sign of trouble, but in healthy relationships, couples know how to disagree without letting it get personal. If the relationship is in trouble, they just avoid any situation of disagreement at all because it likely always turns sour. It’s still not a good sign.