I do…n’t?

It’s pretty common to have the wedding jitters and cold feet on the actual day of the wedding. It happens. But can you believe these stories actually happened in real life? Here are 6 real life stories of weddings that got cancelled due to either unbelievable, dramatic or hilarious reasons:

Real life cancelled wedding stories


“Not at the last moment, but about two weeks out, my ex fiancé and I had been having issues since moving in together. He’d been paying the rent late and hiding it, and never helped me with ANYTHING. I woke up one day and decided that there was no possible way to resolve our differences in two weeks. I didn’t want to commit myself to forever if I wasn’t 100% sure, so I called off the wedding but didn’t break up with my ex. I hoped we could take some time to make our relationship stronger. He said he wanted to go on his bachelor party anyway even though I cancelled mine. I begged him to spend time with me and work things out. I told him that he was an adult and I wasn’t going to tell him he couldn’t go, but that he should know that I wanted him to stay with me and talk about things. He went. He went to Vegas and I found out via Instagram that he and his friends went to see the one show I asked him to see together. Fast forwarding that we just rescheduled the wedding, and I was standing in front of him and was about to say I do until I what he did in Vegas. Long story short, I dumped him on our wedding day because he saw Criss Angel without me.”

Real life cancelled wedding stories


“The day before the wedding, he had spent the whole day with his ex, instead of helping me set up and going to the rehearsal. I yelled at him about it because he was late and hadn’t helped at all. He said he didn’t want to get married because spending time with his ex made him realize I wasn’t as fun as she was because I was uncomfortable with him doing drugs. I kicked him out and still had the party. Told him to use that time to go home and pack up all his stuff. He did. Then he got into crack and other stuff, so yay, I won!”



“All my life, I admit I was a lazy person. My mom would usually get mad because I don’t even know how to use the vacuum and do the dishes properly, plus I don’t even know how to cook. Then I met the love of my life, everything was perfect. We dated for a year. Until he proposed to me, of course I said yes. He was a very responsible man, his family was very successful and all of them including him was very talented and knows how to do house chores. They didn’t hire maids even though their house was big. One day he made me bond with his mum and to my surprise, his mum asked me if I could give her a hand on cleaning their kitchen. She asked if I could do the dishes while she sweep the floor. After that day, his mum told him he shouldn’t marry a woman like me because I didn’t clean the dishes properly and neatly. Since he is a family oriented guy, of course he’d listen to his parents and relatives. A week before our wedding, he cancelled it just because I missed a ketchup stain on one of their dishes.”

Real life cancelled wedding stories


“I met my ex-fiancée at a church camp for singles during the summer. She was a childhood friend but we never talked at all until the summer camp. We started dating and getting to know each other. Her family was dedicated to serving the church. 1 year had passed, I noticed that our relationship was toxic. We bring out the worst in each other and we always fight about anything! We dated for 2 years until I decided to propose to her during our anniversary and although I wasn’t really sure about her, (because I was considering how her family was and how toxic our relationship is) I still pushed through with my proposal. My mom begged me not to marry her as me and my family had observed that her family uses me for money since they don’t have any means of earning and that they don’t want to work at all. They said having a boss was for losers. So on the day of the wedding, I was with my best man and groomsmen having pictorial. They saw how miserable I look then asked me if I still want to continue the wedding. I blurted out I don’t want to go anymore and surprisingly, they were all supportive. So we all ditched the pictorial and the wedding. I could just imagine my ex-fiancée waiting for a groom that will never show up.”

Real life cancelled wedding stories


“I was sentenced to three years in prison for fraud, and we were gonna get married the day before I went in. No wedding and they don’t allow weddings in prison.”

Real life cancelled wedding stories


“It was left several weeks before my wedding. And by left, I mean my fiancé insisted he was stressed out with work and needed some time… When in reality he wanted to move his new, pregnant girlfriend into our house while I was out of town. The initial aftermath was indescribable, frankly – about 85% of our wedding was set up – calling and explaining this to vendors and guests was a total bummer. To say it was a disaster is a huge understatement. I’m still recovering (mostly financially), but therapy has done wonders. My ex has a lot of mental issues and hid them well, and I’ve gotten to a place where I know I’m better off and dodged a huge bullet. I also recently started seeing a man who makes my heart race when he walks into a room. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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