How to prevent wedding day problems

Prevent wedding day problems; Like any event, a wedding is not free of problems, or, as the term puts it, unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes they lead to the cancellation of your wedding. But most of the time, they can be potential sources of embarrassment.

The skill you need to use here is anticipation. Yes, you should know what to anticipate. And after anticipation, one should have preparation. While you can’t prepare for every situation, it’s comforting to have at least some level of preparedness. At times, they take you by surprise. They won’t take you by surprise as long as you know how to deal with surprises.


People coming in late

Prevent wedding day problems

In the Philippines, this is a chronic problem. But it’s even more chronic when a vital member of the entourage is late. Of course, there are excuses, and there are reasons; you should check which of these applies rather than get angry immediately. But it helps to prepare beforehand: know the expected state of traffic for that day, the best routes to take, the health of the people involved (perhaps you didn’t know beforehand), and more. And it always pays to have a backup plan, such as who’ll substitute just in case, or what can take the place of what a late person was supposed to do.


The ever-dreaded absentee

Prevent wedding day problems

Simply, if someone doesn’t show up, that could even be more disastrous than when someone is late. This is easy to deal with when it’s a guest. A member of the entourage though would make that absence a disaster. Again, preparing for this or improvising on the spot is something you can do that prevents ruining the wedding.

Ceremony won’t be perfect

Prevent wedding day problems

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Slip-ups happen. In the circus or acrobatic shows, they can be deadly. In weddings, they can be a source of sudden humor. Someone may misspeak a line or forget it, someone may drop something, or someone may do a literal slip-up. If nothing serious really happened, enjoy the moment. If you recorded it, try sending it to those funny video TV programs.

Something will get lost

Things just get lost. It could be a decor, a script card or even the ring. They get lost even during planning. Preparation for this could include having spares or substitutes, sometimes changes in the program, when it happens. Never let it get you down.

Someone will do something crazy

Or embarrassing. Expecting the plan to fall together doesn’t always expect the occasional troublemaker. This is especially when alcohol is thrown into the mix. But there’s no need to call the bouncer or do anything drastic. You can let it slide, or try to add your own humor as a sort of “save.” There are ways to make use of these sudden situations, and it pays to be smart and quick-minded for these things.