Non-critical Wedding Essentials

Sometimes, you get an idea about ways to decorate and spice up a wedding venue. A few flowers here, a few more drapes there. But watch out, you may be spending for non-critiical wedding essentials, that something that guests never really care about. Anything you put into your wedding decor or program needs to be of good value, and that means keeping them interesting and fun instead of keeping up with appearances and formality. Among the things that guests might not really appreciate are:


Centerpieces on tables

Here are non-critical Wedding Essentials

Table set-up by: Shekinah Dishes

During your wedding reception. Your guests are focused on the food, not the table decor. Decors are better to be minimal, and  be filled with fun souvenirs and other things that can liven up the table experience. Or, keep it simple: nothing should distract them from the food.


Seating Plan

It is always good to have a seating plan for your wedding reception, but wary not as it is a normal occurrence were the seating plan is not strictly followed. Perhaps it annoys people to be assigned a seat that’s not with their best friend or family. Anyway, people will switch seats when they want, so don’t try to be strict with seating. It’s all about the friendship and elbow-jabbing.


Wedding Dress Designer and other “pasikat” of person


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This is something best shared between friends and in talk. A loud advertisement of the designer or anyone providing services seems quite KSP. Wedding are about getting married, not about bragging your wedding suppliers.


Party Favors

Here are non-critical Wedding Essentials

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It’s a rule of thumb that favors or giveaways have to be interesting. Some of them can be treats, food, toys, paper pads, and more. Your guests prefer party favors which are fun, rather than tiring. No need to make them flashy either – that’s also tiring.

So make sure to study which of your wedding preparations are Non-critical Wedding Essentials. These will not just save money, but also save you much precious time for your preparations.