Limit your Wedding Guest list

Many couples-to-wed would love to have a grand, lavish wedding. But in truth, most of us are limited by the reality of a budget. Sometimes, it forces us to limit the headcount for guests. However, that isn’t a tragedy; it may actually be a good thing.

Limit your Wedding Guest list

It would be an easier-to-manage wedding where you can have around you the people who really care. After all, the best weddings tend to be the intimate ones. People close to you are the ones who most deserve to bear personal witness to your union.

If you need to estimate, go for the conservative (lower) number of guests. You wouldn’t want your dream but budget venue to be cramped and tight.

Set numbers for each category.

Limit your Wedding Guest list

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For example, from the family, you can set 30 from each family of the bride and groom, then 20-30 from co-workers of the bride and groom, etc. You can indicate on invitations the number of seats allotted and whether they are allowed to bring children or not. This allows you to have a balance of categories of guests. But, of course, you may base it on the number one tip above.

Send our your invites early

Limit your Wedding Guest list

The earlier you send out invites, the easier it is to follow your plan. For faster response, try online RSVPs (check out this link). If some intended guests have not replied a month before your wedding, you can follow up, and a week after that, follow up again if you still get no reply.


In case many friends want to go but don’t fit into the wedding, you can have a post-wedding party just for that. Same for family who couldn’t fit in the ceremony proper, you can have a special gathering with them.