Have a DIY Wedding set-up

Putting your personal touch on wedding paraphernalia, such as giveaways and decor, can make a wedding much more memorable and enjoyable. It is after all your wedding, so you should set the tone! These are the many things you can personalize, and you can think of more.

Rings – Put in your names, favorite slogans or other personal things

Have a DIY Wedding set-up

Hangers – either those you use for your wedding wear, or you can use them as giveaways

Have a DIY Wedding set-up

Photo Credits: http://twistedhangers.com/product/personalized-hanger-with-wire-date/

Wedding Dress and other clothes – Anyone, aside from the bride and groom, could have their names on their outfits. Even on the shoes.

Have a DIY Wedding set-up

Photo Credits: http://www.classybride.com/Bridal-Robe-s/1887.htm

So here are some more ideas that you might be interested in adding to your wedding day.

Boutonnieres – Put in any theme such as the symbol of where the groom was working, a favorite cartoon character, and more

Table numbers – Put your pictures as well as names on the table number signs

Menu – You might even want to give the dishes special names

Food labels – You can get creative with food giveaways. Put names on food packaging, or even shape cookies like your faces… or something

Statues on top of cake – of yourselves, of course!

Dance floor – Don’t worry about it being stepped on, at least it’s got your names!

Bouquet – Of course, this is a conspicuous thing to personalize, and best do it

Parasols – You can give them to bridesmaids with their own names

Cartoons – This one takes some preparation, but you can have cartoons of yourselves or your guests printed for giveaways

Newspaper – Another major thing to prepare, you could have a newspaper issue that’s all about the wedding!

Guest Book – One way to have guests’ pictures immediately printed so they can be put in the guest book like an instant album

Story board – A small storyboard, something like a slumbook-style poster, can do in case you can’t afford a video presentation

One reminder: make sure to be familiar with all the personalization services you can avail of, so you can choose the most cost-effective one.