Gift Ideas for the Groom

As part of the wedding fare, gifts for the bride and groom include many things that can help prepare them for family life. These include kitchen ware and baby care products. The bride would have jewelry and other stuff for her. But at times, the groom sadly gets left out. Perhaps it’s because people aren’t sure what the groom may want. But there are a lot of safe choices for the groom’s gift pile. Want some ideas? Here:


                                          Ray-Bans, or similar style shades – Men’s fashion that couldn’t go wrong

images (2)


                               Personalized Notecard Sets – When the office worker needs to write notes to others



                                                           Monogram cufflinks – Personalizing formal wear



                                                                     Striped Tie – Another formal essential



                                                                         Insulated Bottle with hidden compartment 


Insulated Bottle with hidden compartment –

                        Leather Cardholder and/or wallet – because men are still expected to do most of the shelling out



                                                                Decanter – For grooms who love the bar



                                                                       Canvas and Leather Duffel Bag



                          Whiskey Wisdom Card Deck or other funny card game that suits men – Great for party fun



                                                  Monogrammed whiskey or shot glass for personalized drinking



                                                          Bluetooth headphones for the listener on the go



      Gift Grooming kits – With various types of moisturizers, creams, deodorants and other stuff. For example, Human Nature has such a set.

Gift Grooming kits


                                                     Leather strap watch – For watch fashion of course

leather watch


Steel ice cubes – Just cool the cubes and they do just as well as ice, without the melting

Steel ice cubes

Gourmet coffee – for the men who love brewed coffee

Gourmet coffee

Pen – Personalized gift pens, fountain pens and such. Even pens with a USB thumb drive!

Trumps Pens