Are engaged bridesmaids okay?

Some of your friends may find themselves engaged and about to be married almost at the same time. At times, they get each other as bridesmaids for each others’ weddings. This can even happen to a group, in some cases all three to five friends or more plan to get married in the same year (although this is unlikely and might be too chaotic to manage safely). If ever that happens, there are some pointers to remember. The question is, are engaged bridesmaid okay to be part of your entourage?

Talk about dates and times

Is an engaged bridesmaid okay

It is very important to keep track of time and make sure your schedules don’t tumble over each other and ruin things.


Don’t Talk Budget

Is an engaged bridesmaid okay

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Your wedding budget may be different from your friend’s wedding, and there are instances were discussing wedding spending becomes awkward. Therefore unless you’re actively involved in each others’ budgets, don’t talk about with each other. Some burdens are best left unshared.

Share Vendors


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Now here’s something you need to share. If you know a good service provider, you know your friend deserves it too.


Be careful not to stress the other!

Is an engaged bridesmaid okay

Yes, especially if you’re having problems of your own. Worry about your own wedding when it comes, and your friend has to worry about hers, too. The bride of the wedding happening now is the one who should get the attention. Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn when it comes.


Don’t forget your friendship

You’re friends, not competitors. You’re there to help, support and encourage each other. The worst you could do is let problems in your weddings sour your friendship. Remember, these should be your happiest moments, not your worst ones.

To sum it all up, a bride must remember that there are things you need to know when choosing your bridesmaids, Thus the answer to the question, “are engaged bridesmaids okay? is a definite yes!