Drone Photography

Technology we once read about in science fiction books and saw in movies have come to life and are actually making life easier for us. That includes the remote controlled flying machine, or the drone. One of the more practical applications of this technology is in photography. Drones can not only fly high, but reach places or take angles inaccessible to puny humans. Drone photography is also versatile and can suit the many purposes described below.

Jardin de Miramar: Events Venue from Jenry Villamar on Vimeo.

Drone angles can be dramatic. A drone take a picture of the whole venue. It can make your wedding look like a spectacle. It can also be used to photograph details that you would miss at ground level. Even before the wedding proper, when you’re looking over preparations, you can use the drone to check on things. And during the wedding, use it to take pictures of special moments, like the kiss, a group shot, and the dance.

Arnie & Joana Marie: Same Day Edit from Jenry Villamar on Vimeo.

Ordinary cameras, even the SLRs, can be large and cumbersome, so the photographers have decided to use drones. You can choose event photographers who have drones. If you have one yourself, that’s a plus. Don’t miss out on drones, as they can make the difference if you’re looking for that great wedding shot.