Common Wedding Photo Mistakes


Unlike in the old days, modern technology helps us keep lovely records of our memories, such as photographs. Wedding photos though need to be carefully set, planned and done so they look good, and are not just snaps done hurriedly. Sometimes, a little detail missed could ruin a shot. So here are some such mistakes that you might want to avoid.


Bridal Suite clutter

Stuff like pizza boxes and soft drink bottles scattered around, unless you’re making them part of the picture, they’re best not made part of the bridal suite photo.

Bridal Suite clutter


Officiant during the first kiss

There are times some would prefer to officiant to not be in this shot. Better make that known.

first kiss

Waiters during a wide or scenic shot

The setting of the wedding is best captured without seeing any of the waiters.



Condensation from water glasses

This stains tablecloths and other trappings. Good if there’s a coaster to hold it, but better if you’ve shot the table with empty glasses. But not upside down glasses – have those set up properly.

Condensation from water glasses


Bread and butter

These are actually not the bread and butter of wedding table shots.

Image result for These are actually not the bread and butter of wedding table shots.


Cell phones on the table and everywhere

Even though they’re everyday fare, they just look like eyesores when you’re trying to capture a memory.

Cell phones on the table and everywhere3157


Tall table numbers or decor

These can block faces when you’re having pictures taken them. Best move them out of the way or pose people so as to avoid these.

Image result for tall centerpiece ideas

Bold lighting at the dance part

These lights could ruin the clarity of some shots. Best have the shots taken before the lighting is switched on full.

Bold lighting at the dance part