Choosing the right Wedding Ring Bearer

We’re used to seeing a cute little tot walk down the aisle to bring a ring to the couple, it’s so adorable that you have to have it at every wedding, right?


Choosing a Wedding Ring Bearer

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Choosing a Wedding Ring Bearer to be a child can be difficult. Convincing the kid to walk is one thing, training and executing are themselves different things.


Some couples have thus taken different paths, such as having a best man, bridesmaid, or even a dog bring the rings. Some even use fancy gimmicks such as a toy train or remote-control car. There are so many different ideas for this tradition.

Choosing a Wedding Ring Bearer

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If you want a child to bring the ring, make sure to securely attach them to the pillow or box. Also, it’s possible to let the child walk without carrying the actual rings.

A pouch attached to the child’s belt or other place can be used or you may give them to the bestman also. Last is option is to actually give the rings to the officiant of the ceremony.

Securing the rings allows for delivery with much less chance of dropping or losing the wedding rings, just in case something unexpected happens.

“Those rings could be tucked somewhere else”

Choosing a Wedding Ring Bearer

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Choosing a Wedding Ring Bearer is fun but you need to make sure to remember these tips so that the marriage ceremony could hassle-free, without losing that cute factor of the wedding ring bearer.