Catholic Church Wedding Requirements


While there are a lot of religions in the Philippines today, the Catholic Church remains the largest and most influential of them. That influence has even gone into some laws, such as marriage requirements. For weddings these days, at least you don’t need a separate civil and church wedding; they’re now rolled into one. Legal requirements aside, there are some documents needed before the Catholic Church Wedding Requirements.

New baptismal and confirmation certificates

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They need to be marked with a “for marriage purposes only” note, and submitted at least three months before the wedding


Marriage license

atholic Church Wedding Requirements

This of course needs to be secured from your local government



Canonical Interview

Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

A requirement aside from pre-marriage seminars


Wedding banns

Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

A bann is a proclamation from the church that acknowledges your marriage

Wedding permit

Catholic Church Wedding RequirementsSounds like something that shouldn’t need permission, but you still need that in the Catholic canon



Certificate of attendance from pre-marriage seminar

Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

That means you should have attended that seminar beforehand



Birth Certificate and Certificate of no Marriage (CENOMAR)

Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

Stuff to get from the National Statistics Authority



List of names and addresses of sponsorsCatholic Church Wedding Requirements




Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

Depends on whether the church would like to have the couple confessed beforehand


These tips will help you prepare for your wedding preparations. Although it seems like there are lot of tasks to do. These items are just easy tasks that can be done in your spare time. Just remember to prepare for your wedding early, so you don’t have to rush and experience additional stress for your wedding day. Now let’s make sure to complete all Catholic Church Wedding Requirements on time.