Casa Santa

Enjoy Christmas all year round. It’s all about Christmas and it will surely give joy to the hearts of kids and adults alike. Group tours are encouraged. Reservations are requested prior to visit. Minimal entrance fee is charged.

In the rolling hills of Antipolo, nestled in an unsuspecting party venue lies a house where time stands still as it celebrates Christmas all year round.

Introducing the Casa Santa, an internationally recognized Santa Clause collection that features Santa items ranging from life-size, singing Santas to Turkish-inspired bronze plaque of Santa Clause. At present, it is one of the most extensive private collection of Santa Clause items in the world. It contains over 3,000 Santas in every imaginable size and configuration. The collection extends from Santa blankets to a chess set with Santa figurines to Swarovski Santas that riddle every nook and cranny of the house. And unlike traditional stuffy museums, the Casa Santa is a fun museum in that the visitors are free to inspect the items closely, or in some cases, play with them. Whereas most museums are meant to inform by taking you back in time, Casa Santa is a museum that will take you to another world, a magical one.

Casa Santa started out as a small personal collection of Jardin De Miramar’s owner and it grew in size until it needed a house where the Santas could “live”. The Casa Santa was converted from a family rest house into a museum of Santa Clause collection in 1995. It was remodeled by folk architect Rosario Encarnacion Tan and the lighting design inside the museum was crafted by Japanese interational light designer Shoko Matsumoto.

The Casa Santa was featured in international television through Associated Press in 2005 and Reuters in 2007. It is also oftentimes visited by school children. It brings joy to everyone the whole year round.

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