Casa Santa Museum tours


CS e-inviteThe Casa Santa museum is one of the highlights of Jardin de Miramar. It’s a museum of more than 3,700 items with Christmas and Santa Claus themes and motifs from different countries around the world. It’s a wondrous sight to see during the Holidays, and even during the other parts of the year. The Casa Santa has been extensively featured in TV shows like Umagang Kay Ganda, Unang Hirit, and One Morning, and publications like Star Magazine and Disney Princess. The museum has also been featured on international media, namely Reuters and Associated Press.

The Casa Santa musem offers you a unique field trip destination to educate the kids about Christmas traditions and cultures. Lots of attractions and activities are in-store for you that puts the fun in education.

ARTS AND CRAFTS ACTIVITIES. These include painting animation characters in ceramics, Art 101 in canvas, and Pinoy games.

In the GALERA, kids can play in the pyramid tree, monkey swings, bridges, lighthouse, swings with Noah’s animals in mosiac, and the 30-foot NOAH’s Ark.

PAPA SANTA, a real, live Santa who will cap the visit to Casa Santa as a truly unforgettable experience. He plays with the kids and poses with them in photo-ops, for posterity!

We also have souvenirs, such as the huggable “SANTA-ko” rag doll you can purchase at the shop, t-shirts, keychains, refrigerator magnets, that make for appropriate mementos of Casa Santa.

For questions about rates and associated packages, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Casa Santa tours starts at P180.00 per person, booking can be done by reservation only!

Minimum of 5 person for non-open date schedules.