How to Capture the Perfect Wedding Kiss

Ah, that all-important wedding kiss, the public symbol of sealed devotion between the two of you. Since it’s now a practice to have a classic memento photograph, it becomes a necessity to stage that photograph well. Some pointers on making that perfect shot. That’s why we, at Jardin de Miramar, compiled 4 tips on how to get the picture perfect first kiss!:


Capture the Perfect Wedding Kiss

Photo Credits: Luminance Imaging

  1. Exclude the officiant from the shot. It’s all right to ask the priest, minister or whoever the officiant is to not be in the picture. You can tell them beforehand to vacate. The drama and romance are much better without the officiant in view., plus its really awkward with the officiant watching you guys have that.


Celebrate with the gang

How to Capture the Perfect Wedding Kiss

Photo Credits: Jenry Villamar

  1. Get the bridal party to join in the fun. That is, if they’re part of this picture, make sure they don’t have deadpan expressions or faces that look like they’re elsewhere. They should be as joyous as you and in party mode when they see you kiss.


Because torrid is not for that occasion

Capture the Perfect Wedding Kiss

  1. Keep the passion just about right. Don’t go into the French kiss or something like that. Just the right kiss with a slight smile is enough. And get hands on, meaning, embrace each other, because that makes it look real.


Take your time

How to Capture the Perfect Wedding Kiss

Photo Credits: Jenry Villamar Photography

  1. Don’t do it too fast, or you’ll end up smashing your teeth against each other. OK, humor aside, if it’s too fast, it’s like you want to get it over with and move on – making it look like you don’t like the kiss. Make the kiss something you’d want to spend a little time on. Keep your attention on your partner.