Bridal Gown Lingerie

This may be a bit naughty… or not. It’s about what lingerie to wear under your wedding dress. Yes, lingerie doesn’t seem to be that important, but there are times brides will need a good bustier or other number under all those ruffles for the big night that follows the big day. This of course could apply to any underwear considerations for any wedding, and includes comfort and function as well as looks.


You shop for lingerie options at the same time as the dress. They can include a plunge bra, strapless bra, shapewear, high-waisted panties and more. Some underwear might be specifically needed for the kind of wedding dress you’re wearing.


The style of your dress very much dictates the undies you can put on. Under a full skirt, you can pretty much wear anything. But if you have a tighter, form-fitting number, you have to make sure your underwear is seamless and doesn’t show. The visible panty line can ruin many a great dress.


“The style of your dress very much dictates the undies you can put on.”


The time to buy the lingerie can be after you have chosen your dress. Make sure to get it before your first fitting. Your goal in choosing underwear is to enhance your look, so it needs to be tailor-made to your dress needs and doesn’t need to be sexy.


You can buy from malls and fashion stores, maybe even Divisoria if you have the time. Of course, for specific needs, go for a specialty wedding store that you can afford. If you have friends who know some, or who actually do the business themselves, it’ll be a bonus for you.


Tummy-conscious brides can benefit from a lot of shape wear products today. There are a lot of cinchers, basques, backless bras and corsets to help you with your figure issues. Of course, make sure to choose the right size and tightness for comfort, to make sure you aren’t squeezed like a strangled cobra.


Tummy-conscious brides can benefit from a lot of shapewear products today.


bridal gown lingerie

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If you’re thinking of color, just look at it this way: unless you want to draw attention to oddly colored underwear, best go with something that just stays “under”-wear. With wedding dresses being mostly white and off-white, best used the underwear that blends in. Skin tone color is safe.