Boho Trend 2017

Weddings can be so canned or stereotyped that when held in a formal style, having clothes like suits and gowns made of expensive materials can cause a severe drain on your budget. Maybe you need to try a different style, something that doesn’t need such heavy formality and can bring a free-spirited, light air to your Wedding event. That can be the BOHO (Bohemian inspired theme) style.

So What is Bohemian?

boho style 2017

Boho is short for Bohemian, a word that has come to be used for non-conventional artistic expression. As this implies, many different styles aside from the traditional formal wedding trappings have been adapted. This includes very light, airy and almost casual styles that might be even more appropriate for the Philippine Climate.

Some associate Boho with the hippies of the 60s and gypsies. But their styles can actually be adapted for formal occasions. Boho actually fits a garden wedding, such as one held at gardens of Jardin de Miramar. Look up the different Boho styles, which can include fringed dresses, peasant skirts, peasant blouses (for both bride and groom) and flower crowns. Those things can make your wedding much more visually pleasing than any formal trappings.

When you can, go Boho!